Established in 2008, Relativity is a group holding company ran by father and son duo, Alaa and Faris Alshaikh, which prides itself on old-fashioned family values while incorporating modern-day concepts. This third culture company combines a wealth of knowledge originating in the Middle East and spanning across Europe and North America with a global insight for expansion. Believing in their duty to create exceptional and progressive businesses, Relativity strives to maintain sustainability whilst embracing their corporate responsibility. Relativity developed this group through a wholly extensive package from start to finish – ideation, development, management, logistics and operations - with areas of expertise including private equity, investments and venture capital, to name a few.

With entrepreneurial skills running strongly within the bloodline, their innovative thinking and outside-the-box mentality provided solutions to even the most arduous issues. Over the years Relativity has cultivated a network of high net worth and corporate partners with trust and discretion at the core of the relationship.

What we do?
We at RELATIVITY provide a world of value-driven customized solutions, each with the aim of making your business a star.
Strategic Market Entry
It’s all about positioning.

Crossing borders to do business can be a daunting and risky challenge. Successful strategic market entry is both a science and an art; thus, we use both proven market analysis tools and the access to our wide-network of partners and affiliates to ensure the minimization of our clients’ new market entry risks. Our aim is to assist our partners successful positioning of their goods and services within the targeted national or regional markets.

Under this cluster, Relativity’s host of value-driven services are:
  • Provision of in-depth market intelligence and know-how.
  • Strategic positioning amongst targeted stakeholders.
  • The planning of methods for delivering goods and services to a target market.
  • Strategic implementation of goods and services distribution channels for a target market.
  • Establishing and managing contracts, arrangements and/or Joint Ventures in a foreign country.
  • Custom hybrid success-based driven solutions.
Navigating the Private Equity & Venture Capital Market
Great things happen when the matching stars magnetize.

Typically, any budding entrepreneur or early-stage business could find it difficult, confusing and sometimes just unmanageable to navigate the host of options and pathways available to attract private equity and venture capital. Likewise, PE & VC funds and angel investors face a similar problem of finding, valuing, getting a deep understanding and/or managing quality early-stage businesses to deploy their investments. In today’s PE & VC market things are even more complex as the market has seen the entry of government and semi-government players as well as the emergence of online democratized platforms. However, not to worry, we can become your captain in this turbulent sea of options.

Under this cluster, Relativity’s host of value-driven services are:
  • PE & VC seekers and providers matching.
  • PE & VC opportunities identification, screening and packaging.
  • Due diligence and valuation analysis and review.
Business Growth Acceleration
Ready, steady, go at near light speed!!!!!

In today’s global technology turbocharged economies, it’s no longer that the big fish eats the small fish, rather the small fish swims circles around the big fish. While the need for change has become synonymous with business success, most business failures today are due to an inability to adapt and change course fast enough when faced with persistent, external, adverse circumstances.

Under this cluster, Relativity’s host of value-driven services are:
  • Entrepreneurial guidance and mentorship.
  • Strategy conceptualization and establishment framework visualization;
  • Business strategy and acceleration advisory.
  • Culture, leadership and organizational engineering services.
  • Early-stage business strategic oversight and monitoring.
  • Organizational leadership and talent needs assessment and development.
  • Organizational culture transformation.
Family Business Services
Keeping it in the Family

Worldwide, about a third of listed companies and 40% of the largest companies are family businesses. In the GCC, and Asia for that matter, it is estimated that 90% of private sector wealth is in the hands of family businesses. Nevertheless, this is an area that is often overlooked from the point of view of management science, ownership and succession. As family businesses expand from their entrepreneurial beginnings they face unique and complex performance and governance challenges. So much so it is estimated that less than 3% of family businesses survive to their fourth generation. This is because, unlike non-family businesses, family business owners have to deal with five often conflicting dimensions; (1) Family, (2) Business and Portfolio Governance (3) Ownership (4) Wealth Management (5) Foundations and Waqef. We are here to help our clients keep their wealth in the family for generations to come by making sure that the five dimensions of family business are working well and in synchrony.

Under this cluster, Relativity’s host of value-driven services are:
  • Capturing and communicating the essence of your success.
  • Generational prospective strategizing and growth planning.
  • Structuring and implementing governance for the family and the business.
  • Transition strategy and planning across generations or through selling.
  • Advice on wealth management and disbursements.
  • Family office structuring, planning and resourcing.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Advisory

Professional Training Services

Private Aviation

Food Processing & Production

Marina Leisure Services

Automobile Manufacturing

Higher Education

Business Management Consultancy

Railway/Transport Infrastructure




It is said that the true genius of Albert Einstein was his ability to step outside the limitations of human consciousness and see the universe around him in abstract form, using his imagination as the guiding force. I have founded Relativity to exemplify this, whereby thinking outside the box is not enough. Rather, get rid of the box so that the non-existent box does not hinder our imagination.

At the core foundation of Relativity is my personal belief that everything worth doing in life must have a sincerely deep passion, true vision, a dedication to the community around us, and…a little madness. Hence, at Relativity nothing is impossible and imagination is encouraged to run freely.

While nevertheless being routed in the fundamental principles that govern good business practice, it is evident that our projects, investments and strategies reflect this guiding principle and we envisage you will recognize this too.

Sincerely yours,

Alaa Z. Alshaikh
Founder & Chairman
Relativity W.L.L.


Vanguard W.L.L. (“VANGUARD”) is an innovative business advisory boutique. Incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with offices in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the firm positions itself as an advisory boutique specializing in providing professional advice to start-up, emerging, growing and stagnant businesses. The firm assists its clients in realizing their aspirations and visionary business concepts into attractive business opportunities to interested venture capitalists, private equity investors and other institutional investors.

VANGUARD delivers value to its clients through an innovative Bespoke Development Methodology, as past knowledge and experiences are utilized to develop new processes and techniques that deliver the services required. In this bespoke process, the firm deliverables are created without the absolute reliance on pre-existing industry patterns thus differentiating them from standardized industry products. To deliver value, the firm utilizes both its Internal Resources; of well qualified business professionals, as well as External Professional Advisors; through an array of exceptional and vastly experienced business consultants.

Beaucraft W.L.L. (“Beaucraft”) was launched in April 2009 by Vanguard W.L.L as the first national company specializing in providing complete marine leisure services such as managing and operating marinas: importing, exporting, selling and leasing boats, yachts and jet skis; providing internal maintenance for ships; and provision of advisory and development services as well as logistical support to waterfront real-estate developments. Furthermore, the company's focus is to provide turn-key marina and leisure solutions that adhere to the most rigorous of international standards; with primary focus on safety, professionalism and high-quality of services.

Beaucraft aims to providing the services of marina and leisure design and development, marina and leisure operations and management, marina maintenance, training, brokerage, import, sales as well as leasing and financing. Moreover during its years of operations, the company continuously assesses market requirements and progressively development more sophisticated marina and leisure products and services such as water sports management, scuba diving, dolphin watching and charter tours as well as marine leisure training services.

Vmotion W.L.L. (‘Vmotion”) was founded on the vision of ‘growing to become a well-respected global boutique assembler of sports cars’.

Vmotion operates by utilizing the concept of CBCA that is based around assembling complex mechanical and power train components (produced by third party parts manufacturers) around propriety automobile frames and body shells. This process reduces the cost and time associated with manufacturing an automobile by reducing the amount of research and development required to create the complex mechanical components necessary to build a car.

As the Middle East sole sports car manufacturer, Vmotion has established strategic relationships with key United States based industry leaders such as Ford Racing and Factory Five Racing to ensure that its vehicles comply with international safety and quality standards.

KP for Training and Development Services helps small and medium businesses develop a workforce with the knowledge and skills to meet their business objectives. A marketing program is essential to build awareness of the benefits of training and development to maximize participation.

Knowledge Pool’s key strategy is to tap into the strength of Partners’ expertise and knowledge to become the most trusted T&D provider in the region. It will help us to offer the best possible solutions for our clients and provide innovative courses and workshops to customers’ concerns. We are committed to serve our corporate clients in the region by designing and offering innovative T&D solutions with an understanding of our customers’ requirements and needs.

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